Like most energy healers, Mr. Peterson is self taught. He did have some training under a South American Shaman by the name of Javier Medina.

Through training with Mr. Medina and working on hundreds of cancer patients, Mr. Peterson was able to develop an interesting method of killing off cancer cells by causing the cell to no longer be able to divide and reproduce. This is a rare talent, and most energy healers when asked, will admit that they are not able to do this.

Kurt may be one of the only healers in the world that can do this with success.
Mr. Peterson lives with his wife and children somewhere in the Midwest of America.


It’s interesting that Kurt has been able to maintain such a low profile over the last fifteen years. I originally met him in the late 90’s, and even then I had heard that he had been a healer since the 80’s. But looking at his website, it only say’s he’s been a healer since 1999 or so. What really doesn’t make sense is that I heard he has barely aged at all. By my accounts, he should be well into his 60’s, but from what I’ve read lately, it appears he still looks in his 40’s. I guess it must be diet or something.
I watch all of the t.v. shows about healers, and yet Kurt has never been featured. Either he has the amazing ability to completely float under the radar, or the media just doesn’t seem to notice him. When I first met him, it was in Taos New Mexico at a New Age weekend seminar. Kurt was with a group called the Channelers, and from what I learned from talking with them, they would work as an instrument of energy to rid the body of poisons. I really don’t quite understand it all, but even then I think they had a following. Now when I type a search for the Channelers/healers, nothing even comes up! I’ve also learned that Kurt may be starting some type of healing ranch in Nevada.

Truly I think that God is the reason for any and all healing ability. While yes I do think that some have talent for it, it’s directly attributable to our God. Kurt’s abilities while seemingly miraculous, are just really a form of God’s expressions of love for his children. I think people with any serious illness should pray to God, and also form group prayers. This may be the best way to boost the body’s natural abilities to fight off disease. Prayer is truly positive!!

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