Very beneficial when taken regularly for GI tract health
Aloe vera juice can be very beneficial to the GI tract as long as the laxative element aloin has been removed, as is common in many brands today.
Aloe has shown great potential to help heal such conditions as acid reflux, IBS, colitis, and stomach ulcers. The reason is the long chain polysaccharides that help sooth and heal irritation caused by inflammation due to acid reflux and other problems of the typical American diet.

A few ounces a day can be enough to show improvement in the digestive system function.

Read below on some of the more harmful elements of aloe vera juice that contains aloin.

Aloe vera juice with aloin Not particularly. Aloe vera cleanses your body. It is a natural laxative. This doesnt make you lose fat. It could make the scale say you weigh less, but it will only be water weight that is lost because your body loses water in your stools. There is no need to drink aloe vera juice unless you’re constipated. Your liver and kidneys do a pretty good job on detoxifying your body and naturally don’t need any help unless there’s something wrong. Drinking too much aloe vera could make your system used to it and then you’ll possibly get constipated when you stop taking the natural laxative. The best is to keep regular and cleansed with lots of water, good probiotic yoghurt with your breakfast and fibre from foods in your diet.

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