What causes arthritis
Arthritis is name that refers to than a 100 forms of disease involving cartilage damage, swelling, inflammation stiffness and pain primarily, but not exclusively, in the body’s joints. Joints are the parts of the body where the bones are connected together. Arthritis is a joint illness that can affect people of all ages However is more prevalent amongst those that are no longer very young. Such as those that are 40 years old and over. It causes pain and stiffness and sometimes deformities in and around joints and in serious cases lead to disabilities This debilitating illness can be brought about by different causes. Example of which are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout arthritis, and juvenile arthritis.
Osteoarthritis also known as degenerative arthritis is most often age related. The older a person is, the more susceptible he is to this form of arthritis. Osteoarthritis may also be the result of injuries. Rheumatoid arthritis is the result of the immune system mistakenly turning on connective tissue and joint membranes or soft tissues, eventually damaging or destroying them. The cause of this disease is still unknown, however there seem often to be hereditary factors involved. Gout another form of arthritis is caused by uric acid, a derivative from purine, crystallizing in the blood. These acid crystals gather in the elastic tissues of joints, leading in turn to inflammation and infection. Arthritis can strike people of any age and can be found even in toddlers early identification is a definite advantage as treatment can avoid serious joint and organ damage.
Inflammatory arthritis should always be taken seriously and treated as it will destroy joint and cause deformity if left untended too.

Your immune system attacks your joints and it causes swelling and pain.
What many people call rheumatism is actually a category of diseases called “arthritis”. Arthritis is categorized into two main varieties, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis can only be detected with a blood test and is by far the more serious of the two. Medical researchers have identified over 100 different varieties of arthritis. In general, all varieties are caused by inflammation of the joints. The cause of the inflammation is not always known. Anti-inflammatory drugs are beneficial in controlling the pain associated with arthritis, but even more than that, when the inflammation is reduced, the destruction on the joint is slowed. Arthritis causes a slow deterioration of the joints, to the point that the cartilage can be worn completely away resulting in direct bone-to-bone contact, which is extremely painful. That is the most extreme result of arthritis, and as of now, can only be treated with joint replacement surgery, although alternatives are being tested. But most people with arthritis are somewhere in the middle. Mild arthritis can be treated with aspirin, which is one of the oldest and arguably one of the most effective anti-inflammatory medications available. But aspirin causes undesirable side effects for many people, including stomach problems, bleeding and sometimes ringing in the ears. A relatively new class of medications, called NSAIDs (Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) is available for treating arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. Among these are Ibuprophen, Naproxen Sodium, and others. Note that while Tylenol is an effective pain reducer, it does not seem to have the anti-inflammatory effect on joints. Some people have experienced a reduction in pain by using Celebrex, Vioxx and the newer Bextra. Contact your physician directly if you feel that your arthritis is severe enough to need a prescription medication. Mild arthritis can be treated with aspirin and ice packs to reduce the inflammation. Never put the ice in direct contact with your skin, always use a plastic bag or other container to contain the moisture and use a cloth between the ice and your skin to avoid injury from the cold. Arthritis is arguably the most common disease in the world.

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