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What are researchers trying to find with studying fetal tissue

Answers For one thing they use them to develop vaccines, and even use the tissues in some vaccines. Oldspammer answer: Embryonic stem cells Embryonic stem cells are a key area for medical research. Stem cells are non-differentiated (general purpose) cells whose genes can be influenced via gene expression to form more specialized / specific forms of cells such as bone, skin, vital organ, etc.Google search >non-differentiated-cells OR stem-cells OR undifferentiated-cells OR blastema OR fibroblast OR trophoblastgene-expression< Controversy If there was a ready and high-demand market for embryonic stem cells, then couples would conceive a child mearly to harvest stem cells from the unborn fetus, then abort the child. This practice goes against the moral teachings of many religions.Human cloning may be possible by using stem cells. This form of human reproduction is also not sanctioned by religious groups. Alternative source of stem cells There exists also cells known as Adult Stem Cells. The human body with time gets injured. The need for repair is signaled by natural processes involving chemical and electrical signals that detect such damaged areas. These trigger the formation of adult stem cells to effect repairs on such damaged areas--bones mend, cuts heal, etc. Adult stem cells originating from the bone marrow have been known to be triggered by using electrical signals via pulsed signal electrodes (See "The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life" Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., Gary Selden, originally published in New York in 1985), and also by pulsed electro-magnetic fields (PEMF) (Google search >pulsed-magnetic field bone Bassett stem-cell< ). Why are these Adult Stem Cell methods not used more frequently? Electrical engineering / physics applied to the medical treatment field of endeavor goes against financial interests of the investors in pharmaceutical firms who largely fund and sit on University and medical school boards of directors. These financial interests dictate / approve the curriculum taught in most universities, without which, funding might dry up. For these reasons electrical engineering / physics applied to medicine is actively discouraged by the those who also arrange funding for research and development. There is no financial return / incentive to using any form of inexpensive cure or methods of treatment of disease except in countries with government sponsored, free health care.Google search >organized-medicine alternative-medicine OR electro-medicine drug OR pharma OR pharmaceutical university OR universities OR colleges Flexner OR RockefellerCross-Currents Promise-of-Electromedicine Perils-of-Electropollution Robert-O.-Becker< Which are better Adult or Embryonic Stem Cells? As we age our cells are damaged by chemicals, disease, and various forms of radiation. As such the DNA strands of older and older patients is less genetically viable, and may result in diseased, non-viable tissues (perhaps even cancer), and thus results in the inevitable aging process. However, a newly formed embryo is brand new and suffers none of this age-related cellular DNA damage listed above, as such is likely to provide a more viable treatment than when using adult stem cells.

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