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Why take colloidal silver when you are a diabetic

When dealing with Diabetes, thereare many reasons to consider the use of colloidal silver becausehigh sugar levels can affect every part of the body, every organand even every nerve, viruses and bacteria love sugar, and thennoble metals in the body, in fact viruses and bacteria thrive wherethere is sugar, many viruses and bacteria have been associated withcancer, like the retrovirus and Candida, which also thrive onsugar.

Many people have lost their limbs due to infections in their feet,or some untreated cut or bruise that quickly got severely grew outof control to the point where doctors had to amputate theirinfected limbs that would no longer respond to antibiotics. It is awell known fact that silver kills well over 650 different virusesand bacteria, but not just any colloidal silver will do the trick,because there are a lot of factors determine the effectiveness ofthe colloidal silver you choose and these are some of them:Particle Size is theKey:Particle size is the key toeffectiveness, first you have to find the smallest particle sizeachieved. After years of searching, I could not find anythingsmaller than a Silver Atom. While there are many colloidal silvermakers and sellers of do it yourself kit that “trumpet” thesmallest particle size, and after careful due diligence you realizethat they actually have nanoparticles which are 250 Million timeslarger than an atom, and many of the nanoparticles are actually thesame size as the virus. So what does this mean to you? Thenanoparticle can never penetrate INTO the virus, while an atom willpenetrate right through the outer cellular membranes of theinvading critter. So the ATOM particle size is superior inefficiency and the ability to get the job done.Parts Per Million(PPM):Parts Per million is actually theparts of Silver in relation to the million parts of the chemicalsolution or distilled water. This is a very touchy subject in whichnanoparticle producers ferociously will tell you that you do notneed high PPM and that it is overkill, etc, etc, the fact is thatthey cannot compete atom size particles that can SAFELY deliver PPMconcentrations anywhere from 20, 50, 100, 2000, 3000 to 18000 PPMwhile they can only deliver in impotent 20 PPM.High PPM is extremely importantbecause there can be 3000 to 18000 PPM of Silver Atoms in asolution, versus a puny 20 PPM of nanoparticles that can neverpenetrate into the target, low PPM products will take much longerto work than silver atoms, and then there is the “Toxicity Factor”You have to worry about.Toxicity Factor: It is theChemicals that most Colloidal silver producers use that create theToxic Side Effects. AVOID CHEMICALS at all costs! I am afirm believer in Colloidal Silver and its applicationstoward health benefits, but the Chemical side effects are thereasons for the reported Toxic Chemical Colloidal Silver sideeffects, combined with the other chemicals that you are alreadyconsuming in medicines, or processed foods adding more to your dietis never a good thing.Many Colloidal Silver producersoffer confusing and misleading information, reading the back of thelabel of the products you would think that there are no chemicals,but actually many products are mislabeled for example the label mayread: “Colloidal Silver………………. 10 PPM” this is wrong and shouldraise all kinds of red flags, because there is no single elementsuch as “Colloidal Silver” the label should read “Silver…………………..10PPM” that is a method of deception used to avoid disclosing whatchemicals they use.Unfortunately many people fall preyto clever promoters and actually buy the inferior products. So howcan you tell if you bought a chemically saturated colloidal silveror not?Answer:

Simply pour it into a Clear Glass container, Freeze it, afterfrozen let it thaw out, you will find that the silver solution youpurchased has all of the chemicals dropped to the bottom of thevessel along with the silver nanoparticles. Why did thishappen?Because Nanoparticles are Huge andHeavy and they cannot possibly stay suspended in a solution withoutthe help of the chemicals.Apples for Apples Colloidal SilverAtoms Meets and Exceeds all standards set for the colloidal silverindustry with far more variations of PPM and even other noble metalproducts.Read more about colloidal silveratoms here:

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