Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Why do pregnant women have to avoid aromatherapy what are the dangers

I don’t think pregnant women should avoid aromatherapy. In fact, aromatherapy can help pregnant women to go through the day. But pregnant women should using essential oils with caution.

It’s better not to use essential oils for the first trimester of your pregnancy, except for reducing your morning sickness.

If you want to use essential oils please consult to aromatherapist first.

for further reading you can go to :————-(Another answer) – Pregnant women don’t have to avoid ALL aromatherapy, though it should be used after the first trimester. There are some essential oils that should not be used at all by pregnant women, because they can have an adverse effect on the pregnancy. Contact your local aromatherapist, doula or midwife, who have more specific information ( a doula myself, I’ve used essential oils during pregnancy to help moms relax. Our strongest sense of memory is related to smell, so if you find a nice blend, diffuse it nightly and take a few minutes to relax. Then, take your blend with you to the hospital (or put a few drops on your pillow) – when you smell it, you will be reminded of relaxing at home…it helps!
Always check with your physician if you have questions, but there’s no need to freak out if someone has an aromatherapy candle burning, or if you discover that your body lotion has a tiny amount of an oil in it that you don’t want. Just change products while you’re pregnant. 🙂

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