Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

What essential oils eliminate odors

There are lots of essential oils that eliminate odor. First of all I’d figure out what’s causing the odor, and then start from there with figuring out which oil or oils would be best for you to use.
Example: Is odor coming from infection? I’d find out what’s best oil/oils for that particular infection. And in choosing what oil/oils I work with, I’d find a good odor eliminator. As I’m working on getting rid of odor causing infection, I’d also find out what I need to do to prevent this infection from coming back. Whether this means building my immune system up or simply changing a few habits.
One thing I’d caution you about when you start looking for oils is making sure you get 100% unadulterated oils. Most oils you pick up at a health food store have had chemicals and other things added to it, which can make the oil dangerous to use and definitely less effective. I’d also be wary of any oil that somebody’s selling dirt cheap($5-$10). And I’d never go to a beauty store to pick up an oil, unless they are selling Young Living oils. Go on youngliving. us to find pure oils which will give you big results.

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