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How do you make your own smoking incense bottle

Making your own smoking incense bottle is pretty simple! You will only need a few things to get started. 1) Glass bottle- wine bottles seem to work the best, as they are tall enough to hold a full incense stick. 2) diamond drill bit- your local hardware store should have them. They will be specially marked for glass or tile drilling. A good bit usually costs between $8 and $15. A 1/4 inch bit seems to work the best. 3) copper wire, keychain ring or alligator clip for holding the incense.
Step 1- Remove the outside labels on the bottle. An easy way to do this is to run HOT water in the bottle. Allow to sit for a few minutes. The hot water will loosen the glue on the label, making it easier to remove. The excess glue can be removed with products such as Goo-Gone or rubbing alcohol.
Step 2- Clean and wash the bottle- allow to thoroughly dry. Waiting at least 24 hours will help.
Step 3- If you will be painting the outside of the bottle, you need a little extra prep. To ready the bottle for paint, you will need to remove and oils or residue left over from the wash with rubbing alcohol. Again, allow to dry thoroughly as the paint will not adhere to the surface if it is still wet.
Step 4- lay the bottle on a flat surface. I tend to use a rubber coated clamp to keep a hold of the bottle while drilling. Using your drill bit, make a small hole about 1/3 of the way up from the base of the bottle. Take your time to do this. Pressing too hard on the glass will cause it to crack or even fully break the bottle. * Use safety goggles!
Step 5- After the holes are drilled, paint the bottle or decorate as desired. Allow the paint to fully dry before using! Your local craft store will have glass paints in all different colors. These specially formulated glass paints allow the bottle to be washed without chipping or peeling the paint.
Step 6- If you are using copper wire, twist a small amount around a pen or pencil to make a spring shape. Then twist one end around the incense stick of your choice. The spring/coil shape will rest on the mouth of the bottle, allowing the incense to burn inside the bottle. For a decorative touch you can string beads around the copper wire as well. Just make sure you leave enough wire to wrap the incense without touching the beads. (You can also use the alligator clip or keychain ring for this step. They keychain ring should be large enough it does not fit into the bottle opening.)


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