Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Is peppermint oil is good for shingles and what other essential oils can be used

I have had direct experience using this for client care and hearing uniformly positive feedback. One DOES NOT , however, apply pure peppermint oil- far too harsh. Making a strong peppermint tea (say 4 bags to a pint) and apply compresses and as a wash to the affected area as needed. One could add a very well mixed DROP of therapeutic grade peppermint essential oil, which is widely available. This is a situation where “more is not better”.
Other oils may be caustic, and essential oils use necessitates at least SOME education and awareness, so I would caution not to experiment. A drop of lavender essential oil could be helpful, added to a water infusion, but peppermint seems to win all around for most .

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