Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Where can you buy large quantities of pure citronella oil

I presume you want it for fly control for farm animals? Ebay has several essential oil dealers but you don’t need any fancy bottle or wrapping. You can buy 100% pure citronella oil in larger sizes like 16 oz, 32 oz and even in 1 gallon sizes on Ebay. And you can get the 1 gallon of 100% pure citronella oil from WFMED for less than $70! Which is way better than those fancy wrapped glass bottles of 1/2 oz going for $20. Remember it is pure citronella oil so do not put it on your animals undiluted as it will cause skin reactions. It needs to be mixed with something else to use as a carrier. You can add it to your regular fly spray or shampoo to boost the effectiveness and staying power. Or you can add it to your own home made fly spray receipe to do the same thing. You only need to add 5cc’s or so to a quart of fly spray. So buying it in a 1 gallon container will last you quite a while.

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