Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

What is the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils

Essential oils [eo’s] are the oils that are in the plant. There are oils in wood, oils in plants, oils in flowers, seeds, rinds, pulp. EO’s are natural, from the plant.
They are volatile oils, meaning they can evaporate quickly and are flammable.
Eo’s need to be kept cool, in a refrigerator is best, in the dark, as in amber glass and covered, as with a cap on the bottle.

Fragrance oils [fo’s] are made from solvents and chemicals. EVERY fragrance you can purchase that is made by a conglomerate is a fragrance based in chemicals.

Eo’s can’t be put in candles because they will evaporate too quickly and especially when a fire is lit!

All the plug in air fresheners, are all chemicals. The little trees and shoes and whatever people put in their cars, chemicals.

There is no ‘lily of the valley’ in an eo. No henna, no rose of sharon, no apple, no apricot, you get the idea I hope.

Essential oils have chemicals in them, however they are naturally occurring. Essential oils can affect a person’s body due to the chemical composition. Creator made them to heal in spirit, soul and body, not only smell good.

Inhaling eo’s brings the molecules up into the body, thru the olfactory bulb that is in the nose. These molecules are healthy because they are from the plant.

Chemical and solvents that make up fragrance oils also have molecules that can be inhaled and go into the body. They are not healthy.

Darn near every company that sells essential oils has excellent oils. They wouldn’t be able to stay in business if they didn’t.

Young living oils are no better or worse than oils that can be purchased from Amrita, or Blue Sage Naturals or any of the other companies that sell essential oils or use them in products or anointing oils.

There is serious controversy in the eo world regarding this company’s marketing and usage methods. To learn more purchase a book by Robert Tisserand, Maggie Tisserand, Valerie Worwood and others skilled in eo’s. Do not purchase a book made by or marketing just one company.

There are essential oil and aromatherapy groups on LinkedIn from which you can learn.

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