How do you make the eye whites whiter

The Boxer Wachler Vision Institute has created the only permanent procedure for eye whitening known as I-Brite. The delicate procedure involves removing the thin membrane that holds the unsightly red veins and yellow or brown material. A crystal clear membrane (without red blood vessels, yellow or brown spots) grows back in its place. The procedure is outpatient, painless and performed in about 15 minutes.

The only truly effective way to achieve bright white eyes is to use drops containing a vascular constrictor. A vascular constrictor constricts all of the blood vessels in your eyes making them instantly sparkling white. The results are fantastic.
It is not suitable for use whilst wearing contact lenses and can only be used very occasionally (going to a party or disguising a hangover for example)
You can buy these drops off-the-shelf from most pharmacies but I would advise that you talk to your optometrist first, just to be sure.

There is a technique some models use – other than having a few big nights sleep. Elle MacPherson always had 3 nights of 12 hour sleep+ prior to a major photo shoot. If your are not Elle, you put a single drop (very important) of lemon juice into an eye bath, place over eye, blink a few times. Gently pat dry around your eye – in five minutes presto! Needless to say eyes are a fragile organ so every day application is not recommended.
I also find Bilberry tablets from your health food store work BUT you need to take them regularly and they take 4 weeks to show a positive difference. The claim is that the active ingredient promotes better blood circulation in the eye. There are plenty of web references on this.Not smoking!..not using eye drop to often..not to much eye-liner..or mascara but it can be worn..thats just ways that they can stay white etc. but I’m not saying that your eyes WILL get whiter if you do the following..but theres no harm in tryingIf you are using contact lenses, then not wearing them makes it whiter. On the other hand, you will not see squat.

In addition….

You can do it with make up too! First off, if you line the water line with eyeliner, this can block the eye from producing oil and make the eye red. Stopping this will help a lot (trust me!)

Another trick is using blue and/or white eyeliner, versus plain old black. Either will make the eye much whiter.

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