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Are there herbs you can buy at a store to make your butt bigger

i can answer your question , i honestly hate when some one ask a question and so many people comment BUT DO NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION.
alot of people will tell you “you cant take pills or herbs to grow your breast and butt bigger! that’s stupid! its all about genetics!” i wish those people would shut up , because those are the people who have NERVER tried it. they think if it dosent sound logical then it dosent work.
well they do work , im someon who actually TRIED the products and seen the result myself.
so here is an honest answer: herbs to grow bigger butt & breast: saw palmetto, maca, feenugreek seed, don quai and rose hips combined herbs will give you larger breast and bigger butt .
my results were fast lol ! amazing
start: 01-12-2010 34B- 27 – 37 end: 03/01/2010 34D – 27- 42
now these are all natural herbs , you will find alot of women posting pictures and boosting about their results too . the herbs can be found at any vitamin shop or online but if you don’t want to take the time and remember the pills each day (i didnt ) just check out these pills (dime curves) all the same ingredients in 1 pill take once a day , results will be seen in less then a month i promise you. my friend sitting here next to me as im typing is telling me i should keep this secret to myself and not let other women know how they can grow larger breast and butt in less then a month but….im just not that type of person ,if i can help some one then I’m always happy too because i would want someone to help me. So good luck ! and have fun with your new results!

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