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What is the bibliography of herbal medicine

I’m not sure if I’m giving you the answer you seek by the question asked but I will try.Herbal medicine is as old as time itself. When searching for a good education in Herbal medicine you need to seek out the classic herbals to follow. There are many books on the market today which lean toward one kind of herbal medicine or another. Some of these are more fad then fact so you need a good basic foundation first.Traditional western Herbalism is my following but there are also wonderful Chinese books available which are steeped in the tradition of healing. I love the insites into the healing culture of the Orient. Native American medicine is also a wonderful place to see the culture of our ancesters.I studied under the Christopher School of Natural Healing. That is a very trustworthy school started by Dr. John R. Christopher. It is in Utah. One of the books used in this study is by the same name as the school. It is widely available. Dr. Christopher wrote several books including one under a ‘pen name’ of Penny C. Royal which was entitled ‘Every Womans Herbal’. John Lust also wrote many good books with easy to follow instructions. Malcome Stuart wrote an encyclopedia of herbs and herbalism which is a wonderful wide view book. It is not in print anymore but can still be found in places like Barnes and Noble website under the’ used or not in print sections’. Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss is a great foundational book but it is getting harder to find. I believe it is still in print. Elenour Sinclair Rohde also wrote several more traditional historical books. A. Vogel wrote an encyclopedic book on Swiss natural medicine which is a good read as well, called ‘Swiss Nature Doctor. If you are looking for even more branches of Herbal medicine you can read about the ‘Bach Flower Remedies by Non Shaw. Simple book that gives an insite into the studies of Dr. Edward Bach.Each year another practioner of Herbal medicine writes an up to date book about the wonders of herbs and how God made them for the treatment of our illness. Be blessed in your search to further your knowledge.

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