Chinese Medicine

I am a massage therapist but want a second career what should I look into

Look into the BEST Technique. Your license will enable you to help more with less stress to your hand strength. It pays $45.00 every 15 min. It is a perfect thing for the patient that is uptight and is stressed. This is a treatment given for health maintenance, as well as healing. Ted Morter discovered the concept and wrote,”The Soul Purpose.”

There is another energy similar to the “meridian” used in the Chinese techniques. This energy is in the nerves, you will find it fascinating; and very real. Look up Biological Energy Synchronization Technique.

There are initial seminars, with workshops I believe. Last I checked it was about $3,000.00 total. You could qualify with very little effort and it would be a great benefit to anyone you know or treat. Go online and find one and you go see one.

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