How long does marijuana stay in your system if your a regular user

ganga stays in the blood for at least 6 weeks.If its a hair test it could be years?

Also detection time for :
no longer than 8 weeks.The police can rub a strip on your four head.Witch will give them an instant reading of what your on or have taken. Saliva drug test is 3-5 days, urine – up to 12 weeks. It depends on your body’s metabolism, how mush you smoke, how often , etc.. Also you can look for a home drug test kits at your local pharmacy. But if you are regular user you will need min. 3-4 weeks. 1ts a minimum of four weeks for the urine and the longest I have never herd it being in the urine for no longer than 6 weeks for i am very fit I have a high metabolism, a slow strong heart beat ,I have an athletes hart. It took 6 weeks to get it out my urine.I disagree about the min of 3 weeks. it dosent matter if your a regualar smoker or taken it “once”.I have smoked the stuff for 30 years, that is why I know. You should drink 2 litres of water a day that will purge your system if you want it out faster and you can handle it 3 to four litres of water will purge your system quciker.There are other factors in this conundrum like if you smoke and drink or take any other drugs that will affect the removal time of the pot, hash. ganga.puff,pot, blow weed,soap bar,marijuana.So drink plenty of water as much as you can to get rid of the T.H.C. do not buy drug test kits ther in acurate and will not give you a correct reading, “A waste of money”.If you can get your hands on the real strip testers, If they are any less than ?35 your getting the wrong test kit.

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