Does Q carbo detox drink work a week after use

Yes!! It works… I smoked on a saturday, and i had a test on either Wed or Thursday they gave me the option to choose… I took the test Wed.. My Boyfriend told me about the Q Carbo and said it worked.. He Has Used it 3 times before and failed once because he did not follow the directions the first time (he was young the first time he took it) but the 2nd and 3rd time he did exactly what it said and passed easily! they had his results the same day he took the test…! & hes a daily user.. he also smoked the day before his test and still passed …he also works as a mechanic for Chevy thanmks to Q CARBO :).. So i took the test on Thursday after smoking on Saturday did exactly what it said and they had my results the same day and easily passed!

What i did!

Take on Empty Stomach (if you drink anything before you take it drink water no soda oragne juice cranberry just WATER)

Drink the drink 3 to 4 hours before you go in for test to give your system time to cleanse (peeing)

Drink the whole thing as quick as possible consistently dont take any long breaks drink as much as you can breath catch your breath and resume…

As soon as you’re done fill the empty bottle with water drink consistently and constantly up until you are about to leave; you need to be atleast 4 or 5 times before you leave. if you keep drinkin water it will be easy to do so.. i pee’d 6 times before i left, also take 1 or 2 multi-vitamins to make urine yellow because it will start to look clear after a while and that will raise suspicion.

Go take test and hope for the best!! it worked for me and my boyfriend and we are 2 different types of users hes daily and i am moderate.. and it worked for both!!

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