How to pass clean your system of pot

yea i heard pickle juice,cranberry juice,water with a drop of bleach…go figure…..and pills for example azo’s cranberry water pills….they work like a charm..but in about two hours i got a drug test…pray for me…hahaI’ve heard numerous things. there’s pickle juice (i would dilute it with water if that’s what you wanna do to get rid of it) cranberry juice or pills, and then theres always water. water may not be that effective. and of course there’s the smartest option with not even doing it to begin with but of course you have probably already done it since you are asking this question. The best way to clean your system of MJ is to a few days before your test start drinking cranberry juice (alot at least a gallon a day )to clean out your system and flush your kidneys . The night before the test start drinking green tea at least a gallon to 2 gallons all the way till your test ! and make sure that you go to the batroom at least 4 times before the test . and double up on the dose of a 1 a day vitamian . ( to make urine sample yellow and to make it look good )it dose work , I speak from exp. (also you can’t be smoking at least a wk before the test )

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