How do you clean THC out of your system fast

Da Witts (ask ur local pharmacist for this) it cleans out yourliver and makes you piss blue in the morning. Take 4 tablets aday…You dont have to take da witts but its recomended. Buy a lotof fruit juice and you need to have a gym membership. Please onlydo cardio eg running and cycling. After this sit in the sauna forabout 15min. Drink plenty of fluids all the time! Stop gyming about2 days before your test because thc releases in your urine afteryou have been gyming for the last two days just watch movies anduse as little of energy as possible. When it is the day of yourdrug test you must drink about 1.5L of fruit juice with 0.5L ofwater and urinate about 3 times before your test this dilutes it alot and also only urinate into the cup half way through ur wizzsesion this is the cleanist part of your urine.
Buy yourself a bottle white vinegar and buy lots of 100%cranberry juice. Mix 2 shots of vinegar with cold water [the tasteis HORRIBLE and sour] but the water dilutes it, you will be able totaste it, but if you just drink it and not think about it you’ll befine. No caffeine. That’ll mess up the vinegar and cranberry. THCis something that sticks to fat cells, which is why it storesitself in the body. Hence, why vinegar destroys it, because of theacid it has [tomatoes, pickels etc.] Vinegar destroys most of theTHC, depending on when you start the treatment. It’s recommendedthat you do this 5 days ahead. Just to be on the safe side. Drinklots and lots and lots of cranberry. Cranberry acts as the flusher,it is flushing your kidneys out, and letting the vinegar do more ofits work by getting rid of any trace of THC. I recommend some formof exercise [even if its chasing your dog around, or playing withyour kids], no lifting but the more the better, because yourallowing your pores to open, as you endure some physical activity,which will allow doses of THC to sweat out of your pores. Afterdrinking, maybe a bottle or two of the remedy, and drinking yourcranberry juice daily. You will pass that urine test. I use thismethod for job interviews, plus doc visits.
THC is stored in your fat cells. Excercise, drink plenty offluids. By taking Vitamin B-2, this will color your urine yellow,so that it does not look toowatery.

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