How do you clean your system in two days from weed

Okay, first of all you may want to be ready to feel sick, but you need to drink at least 3 gallons of cranberry juice a day, in between you need to drink Just as much water, eat green foods, Especially eat carrots, pee at least 3 times before the test and don’t drink sodaTake some vitamin b pills can get them at walmart. take at least 3 a day. You can also drink a lot of coffee in between, but u don’t want to dilute ur urine to much because than they can tell that your trying to flush your system out, Exercise and sweat a lot i would say at least 4 hours of sweating than take a break and do another hour. a day even the day you have to take a urine test. well that’s what I did and hope it works for you by the way bleach and pickle juice doesn’t work its all a fake.

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