How to pass a drug test

If you want to pass a drug test you need the following.

1. 1 Gallon of water (drink it the day of and if you have a few days before the test drink 1 gallon a day.

2. Asparagus (may be nasty but it cleans out your kidneys, your pee will stink)

3. $50.00 to purchase Total Eclipse Assure (can buy at GNC). Follow the instructions.

4. AZO’s take 2 at a time 3 times daily.

Will work, the GNC drink has a 100% guarantee or your money back. Worked for me.

…..Depend on type of drug test (urine,hair,swab saliva, etc..), type of drug ,reason of testing (rapid test, laboratory test, for probation, military ,etc..), some personal factors like height/weight and metabolism, drug tolerance, etc.. You can pass simply by time (some drugs are detectable for short period of time), detox/masking drinks (online, head shops, GNC), substitutions, etc..

I have a sudden test tomorrow morning, i just found out today. I spent 6 hours looking info up on the Internet. My 2 main sources – and I narrowed the information down to this…


Multi-vitamins day of – 2 or 3 (morning) (adds color to the pee, masks dilution)

Creatinine- 48 hours before test (low levels in the pee makes test positive)

aspirin – 4-6 hours before tests (can actually give a false negative, most labs

have fixed this issue)

Gatorade – 16 ounces 3 hours before test (makes you pee a lot, makes pee colorless and odorless)

Asparagus – eat some before your test, day of.

B complex vitamin – 1 or 2 after you start to pee a lot and before the test pee (gives a yellow color)

Diluting/water – not days before the test; that’s INEFFECTIVE. Drink lots of water 3 – 4 hours before the test ( makes pee colorless and odorless)


“Duz’z It” actually removes the THC from your system!

Other detoxes that work “Nutra Cleanse” “Super CleanP” “Never Fail” “45 min, chewable tablet”

Look at the main ingredients – SHOULD NOT BE vitamin B, sugar, or water, most detoxes just mask the THC, and labs are looking for these now!! Read the packaging, If it does not say that it REMOVES it from your system, Dont waste your money!


tests cannot detect second hand smoke, the levels are too low (don’t hot box)

Poppy seeds do nothing, you would LITERALLY have to eat 3 tons of poppy seeds.

Most tests have fixed the “aspirin” issue.

Do NOT add bleach to your pee sample, they test for that.

These do nothing, also, Ammonia, Drano, Niacin, Orange Juice, Visine, or vinegar.

If you are caught trying to cheat a pee test, it is a legal crime and you can get in serious trouble.

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