Does rescue detox work temorary or can you take it the day before a drug test

Every detox flush is a gamble, I have heard stories and many people tell you what you need in a heart-beat, bottom line is they don’t work. In testing to see if someone has recently used pot, there are two important substances: THC and 9-carboxy-THC.

9-carboxy-THC is a product of the body’s metabolism of THC and it’s detectable for a longer period of time than THC is detectable. Urine tests look for 9-carboxy-THC.

Some laboratories test for detox fixes as well as the THC.
THC may remain in your system for 30 days or longer.
The detection period for 9-carboxy-THC in urine may be three months for heavy users.

Research on saliva tests indicated that they may be able to detect THC up to eight hours after ingestion, but they are not widely used.

Exposure to second-hand marijuana smoke may result in a positive urine test within one to two days.
Some private companies may use hair tests to detect possible marijuana use. Positive hair test results have been found to be unreliable.

Most clinical laboratories use commercially prepared test strips. These are narrow plastic strips that hold small squares of chemically treated paper called test pads, arranged in a row, that change color when they come in contact with the substances of interest.
The test pads have chemicals impregnated into them. When a strip is briefly dipped into urine the test pads absorb the urine and a chemical reaction changes the color of the pad within seconds.
A microscopic examination may be performed as part of urinalysis. Typically performed when there are abnormal findings on the physical or chemical examination. The microscopic exam is performed on urine sediment – urine that’s been centrifuged to concentrate the substances at the bottom of a tube. The fluid at the top of the tube is then discarded and the drops of fluid remaining are examined under a microscope.

Any foreign matter or substance that is added to the urine may disqualify the sample, and in many cases such tampering with the test itself is reason to dismiss a prospective employee and may even result in dismissal if you are an employee already.

Strong chemicals such as bleach are easily detected. If your sample is too diluted, don’t add water to the sample they can detect chemicals in the water also, it could be rejected. That means you failed the test.

Now that you understand about 9-carboxy-THC perhaps you understand why the detox may not work.

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