How long does marijuana stay in your system if you only took one hit

if you only took one hit and you are not a habitual weed smoker, your body will metabolize the THC in 17 hours, to about 545 mcg/g, which will not be detected in average job drug tests. Yale did a study on it, and concluded these results. So one or two hits, in a non-weed smokers body will not be detected with-in 17-24 hours (24 hours being 2 hits) in someones urine screen. I have lived it an done it, I smoked for 9 years straight and then stopped for a job, then smoked a few hits and passed 7 days later. But as I said you will pass in 17 hours after taking one hit. you are welcome

dont bet on it. i had not smoked for a year and took 2 hits. i got a home test kit and took it 28 hours later and DID NOT pass. to be on the safe side i would say 2 hits 3 to 7 days.

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