Is it true weed is out of your system in 3 days if smoked once after being clean for months


The remains of the THC will float around for a long time after it has been taken. The concertration level of taking it just once doesn’t affect it. The THC breaks down over time

Testing can now detect cannibis use up to 2 years ago
Idk where this dude got his information from but they don’t know what there talking about. It all depends on you body fat your motabolism how much you smoke and the quality of it. if you don’t take in much and you were clean a few days if you smoke all the time daily and have for a long time can take up to 2 months or so in urine tests saliva tests less then that but hair can last several months. I know because i just did 3 yrs on probation went to school for psychology and have studied drugs and the effects on the mind and body

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