Does golden seal remove marijuana from body

No. Marijuana is not present in the body, only it’s metabolites are, and they are stored in fat. If you desire to get rid of the traces of marijuana left in your body, you either need to stop eating, start exercising, or learn how to burn off a lot of fat and calories in your body (such as a sauna) to allow for all of the remnants to make their way out of the body. There is nothing that will magically remove the traces from your body, only chemicals that will taint the urine that is sampled to mask the levels of the chemicals or modify them into a different untested chemical. The faster your metabolism and the less of the frequency that you smoke, the faster the chemicals will evacuate your body.
indeed it does….i used it myself once or twice on probation.

Don’t use golden seal. There are three reasons for this warning. First, it does not work. I have heard that aspirin is the only thing that DOES, although it only has a chance of working if the company you’re taking the test for uses dip sticks. If they use assay testing like the Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer, you’ve had it. A lot of companies that sell golden seal will come right out and tell you it doesn’t work. Companies that sell stuff for “beating” piss tests might tell you it does, but if you buy stuff from them and come up hot anyway they’ll just say you used it wrong. The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws says it doesn’t work, and on this subject they are the authority.
The second reason is it’s a toxic herb if used in the quantities recommended for flushing weed out of your system.
The other reason? Golden seal is detectable in urine, so they test for it now. If you come up hot for it, you fail the test just as badly as if you came up hot for weed.
yes golden seal does work if you get it from the wild. i used it and passed a test in 10 days. You used golden seal and passed a test in 10 days? No kidding–10 days is how long it takes to flush weed from your system if you don’t use anything. (If you have low body fat a decent metabolism and you exercise regularly.)

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