Do Kinoki foot pads detox the body

There is no conventional scientific basis for claims that any object in external contact with the body has a chemically ‘cleansing’ or ‘detoxifying’ affect – in fact, it is highly unlikely that anything you can put inside your body has a ‘detox’ effect, either, other than (in the loosest possible sense) drugs or foodstuffs designed to purge the bowels, lower cholesterol, or maintain/alter biological balances (e.g- laxatives, high-fibre diets, phytosterols, insulin, etc.).

Chemicals applied to the skin may be absorbed, and beneficial (or harmful) effects may be achieved (e.g- moisturiser, pain-killing creams, some psycho-active drugs, concentrated acid). Granted – it is possible to stimulate sweating (or halt it) by applying chemicals to the skin (or heat), but any normal level of sweat is unlikely to expunge a significantly higher-than-normal level of toxins from your body.

Radioactive substances and strong electro-magnetic fields may interfere with internal processes in a range of interesting ways (e.g- interrupting neural connections, destroying genetic material, sauteing your internal organs), but it is highly unlikely that a tampon for your foot could utilise these effects in a practical or beneficial way.

However, in acknowledgement of well-documented evidence regarding the mildly positive efficacy of placebos (see: homoeopathy, faith healing, snake oil), your mileage may vary.

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