Herbal Medicine

What natural remedies are available for fibromyalgia to replace antidepressants

You may find that a diet change will improve your symptomsenough to avoid taking anti-depressants and some of the othercommon medications needed for Fibromyalgia. Increasing proteinintake (meats and nuts) and natural carbohydrates from vegetablesand fruits and avoiding processed foods, MSG, Nitrates, and andother food additives can reduce your symptoms. Others have foundthat removing gluten from their diet can almost eliminate thenumber of bad flare days they encounter.There are also natural supplements that can be taken. However,you should avoid taking any supplements without consulting yourdoctor, as some of them may interactive in a negative way with yourexisting medications. Some supplements to consider are Tryptophan,Magnesium, B Vitamins and the Omega-3 fatty acids as found in FishOil.

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