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Does Ginseng have merit

Changbai Mountain selling ginseng seeds station You recommend a good project rich understory planting wild ginseng Cultivation of wild ginseng in the forest low cost, high economic efficiency, the current consensus that the industry as the “Forest Bank”, and broad prospects for development. Ginseng is the king of medicine in the northeast of the first Sambo, longevity is the preferred medicine. In addition to medical treatment, health products, cosmetics, food, and other aspects of use of the great. As people improve living standards, social progress, science and technology improve, domestic and foreign markets will be increasing demand for ginseng. Senate round of high cost, low efficiency, destruction of vegetation, causing soil erosion, comparison, the understory is planted ginseng promising. Understory Senate without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, is the green food. At present no residual market ginseng good sales, high prices, development, forest Senate will have a stronger competitiveness. The current market for forest Participation is very good, stable prices, product supply. The true consumer market in the South, Southeast Asia and other countries. South climate conditions are not suitable for growing ginseng, we predict forest planting wild ginseng will not be greater than demand. Cultivation of wild ginseng in the forest city started the first, a successful experience, many farmers getting rich Senate, the situation is gratifying. Forest Farm workers must emancipate our minds, change our concepts, rely on wages, the land revenue can only solve the problem of food and clothing to survive. Wealth fairly well-off would like to further increase quality of life, only to find proactive enrichment project. From the local reality, full of the local forest understory on the Senate, several years after the family income will increase rapidly, the income of several million a year instead of dreams. Cultivation of wild ginseng in the forest, is stepping down after leading cadres, rich life, a waste heat, avoid loneliness, but also create tremendous wealth of the family a good way. I receive the party’s 30, former village cadres more than 20 years, the family planted ginseng 20, have a certain theoretical level, rich practical experience, and provide comprehensive technical services. Understory rich Zaimiao is also a very good project, the production cycle short, quick, small investment risk. Zaimiao best time, after the Cold Dew. Every spring (April at the end – before mid- May), summer (late July – Liqiu ago) and autumn (at the end of September – before the freeze), three different times can be sowing seeds. To provide you with the following services: 1, you can come to my office visit, I provide a convenient service. 2, free to speak your understory Senate Office knowledge class, to help determine land before planting, cultivation, technical guidance to the scene to do, after emergence to provide day-to-day management services. 3, to provide you with free use of forest Senate technical information. 4, the sale of forest Senate for the Senate seed, seed varieties, including (Malaysia buds, the buds Ma, a long neck, American ginseng seeds)SunHonglin(Senior agronomist)HengLu village HuaDian town Ji’an city JiLin provice of PRCmobile:+86 13795110597msn:[email protected]

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