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What kind of home remedy will help a dog with hives

Homepathic Rhus Tox can help at the first sign of hives. I’m not having too much luck with Benadryl but you can try that too – 1mg per pound of bodyweight per day (eg., 50 lb. dog gets 25mg 2x a day)

Oatmeal bath (put old fashioned rolled oats in a sock and let the bathwater from the faucet run through it)

Try washing her off with dishwashing soap such as Dawn to remove any allergens/oils on the skin.

Tea in the bathwater would help too, either green or black, since the tannins in the tea will relieve itchiness.

Try rubbing olive, coconut, or avocado oil into her skin once out of the bath to soothe her and replenish moisture after the dishwashing soap strips the oils.

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