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Are there any pills for butt enlargement and if so where can you buy them

I am using a system called the big booty system. You basically takesome pills and do light excercise on your booty. I’ve been using itfor a few weeks, and I’ve noticed a big size change in my butt andits not fat either pure muscle check it out its a good system!

Biotechnologies advance everyday and yes, there are some pills thatcan HELP to get bigger buttocks, but don’t get confused with thepills that promise magical results. To enhance the buttocks in themost reliable way, you should combine targeted workouts, a goodnutrition plan and if you want faster or more extreme results, thenyou can use a pill for that extra boost.

Here I list a good quantity of researched and tried possible waysto enhance the buttocks, used or tried by my students, my clients,my colleagues or myself.

HORMONES- You can end up with a full hormonal imbalance whichwill shorten your life and may destroy your shape forever.Dangerous stuff.
CHICKEN PILLS – What fattens a chicken will most certainlydon’t give you shape. Secondary effects can be desvastating in thebowels and liver.
WEIGHT GAIN PILLS – (Ectoplan, etc) Weight (fat) goes to whereis used to go and not to where you need it,it is how the bodyworks. You may end up with flaccidity or celullites that will beone problem more instead of a solution. Many reports confirm thenegative results.
STRONG PHYTOESTROGENS- Pueraria and so, are HORMONES in spiteof what they want to make you believe. In the body they fight forthe receptors of estrogens as much as the animal hormones do. Iftaken without careful supervision may produce you hormonalimbalance, shorten your life and destroy your shape forever. Iftaken under supervision may seem to help at the beginning but soonyour body enters in imbalance. People raised in Asia can managebetter these phytoestrogens because they grow up withphytoestrogens in their diet, but for all other people are a riskybusiness. Even in Japan or Thailand, the strong phytoestrogens aretaken under careful supervision and their secondary effectscontrolled with other herbs for balance.
FLUID SILICONE OR OILS – Injectable fillers are sold in Mexicoand underground in USA as approved fillers in other countries. Manyare just fluid silicone or oils. The least you will get is scammed,all “gains” will disappear soon enough and depending on thesubstance you may get CANCER. Ask yourself, is it worth therisk?
FISH OIL -As any oil, its fat nutrients may increase size a bituntil reabsorbed by the body (could take from two weeks to sixmonths) This when applied externally. – Internally has no proveneffects more than weight gain. Risks: can steal Vit E from thebody.
COLLAGEN CREAMS -Can amke the area more supple and because ofbetyter irrigation, elasticity and circulation, the area willdevelope better. These creams will work as allies to other methods,on its own collagen will not bring large changes (but minoryeas)
GLUTEUS MAXIMUS -A good ebook with good exercises but notenough on its own
OTHER E-BOOKS- Many e-books under different names are sold inthe Net, most have just the same information contained in thee-book Gluteus Maximus combined with the information on the e-bookthat comes with the Femimore Treatment as a free gift.
CONCHEVITA -Southamerican pill that was sold but no longerexists. Could not find anyone who bought it or any traces of it inthe Net.
RELACOR -Just weight change, no shape. Many reported flaccidityas result. Many reported insomnia and other problems.
FILLERS- Not yet enough developed for injecting in large areas.Are currently offered in some clinics but the general opinion ofthe best surgeons is that we must wait for having a filler that canbe successfully injected in large areas without risks.
NEGATIVE BIOTENSION ENHANCER (NBE) -Sold in Asia and somecountries in EU. It is a kind of cup which adapts to the glute and”sucks” it with negative pressure producing what is called negativebiotension in the muscles and fat tissues. It is proven thatnegative biotension stimulates tissue growth. Not enough reports onresults yet but seems very promissing. Note: Some cheap copies arebeginning to be sold with a hand pump, these are useless. NegativeBiotension needs a computarized unit for feedback from the treatedarea.


1- Advantages Cheap – Available everywhere – Can be targeted atselected areas
2- Disadvantages MUST be well planned by a pro or at least deepself-research. Otherwise we end up too muscular ordisproportionate. Provides ONLY muscle and could burn fats that areneeded for curves
3- Recommendations Get a personal trainer or pro advise andtell exactly what you want to achieve. Don’t just ask the guy atthe gym unless he is professionally graduated. If you plan ityourself, get the following books: – Women’s Strength TrainingAnatomy (Frederic Delavier) – Fit for your shape (Matt Roberts) -The body sculting bible for women (James Villepigue)

Do not overdue it, more than 45 minutes exercise continuosly can benegative, producing excess Cortisol, a hormone with greatimportance in how we assimilate fats. Do not train every day, themuscle only developes with alternate periods of exercise-rest.
Weight training sculpts you, Pilates gives position, dance(best are latin dances) put your body to burn the necessaryexcesses and work the curves, skating principally iceskatting shapeglutes and hips best.


1- Advantages Simple
2- Disadvantages By itself is not great help (However can be avery powerful ally of other methods multiplying their results)
3- Recommendations Do not follow a “made for all” diet. You areunique and your diet for shaping must be specifically designed foryou. Low GI is a must Small snacks each 3 hours work better thanthree or two large meals. (Keep the body building the good fats andmuscles and burning the bad fats) Supplements as Vit C, Magnesium,Lecithin and B complex are a must. Protein from nuts and cheese arefar better in shaping than from animal flesh. Animal fleshcounteracts shaping because of its limited value. The book ‘Thehourglass effect’ (very difficult to find) is the best there is (donot mistake with some e-book called the hourglass figure orsomething similar that has been reported at many forums as uselessand has nothing to do with the real book). Was published in a shortedition and sold out fast.


1.- Advantages An integrated treatment with the workouts, thenutrition and the pills for adding results. It works. (All thedoubts and fuzz in many forums are created by those who sell otheralternatives or those who have not the money for affording it) Youcan combine these products to suit your specific needed areas Countwith the experience of a Medical Division Many have reported thatto take intensive (double dosage) increases results and thatcombining with other of their treatments also enhancesresults.
2.- Disadvantages Price You must commit one year to it (Howeveris very much worth it) Are not magic pills, you must follow atleast basical diet advice and basic exercise advice
3.- Recommendations Choose one or two products but as soon asyou receive the first parcel, consult their Med division what isthe best for you. (they give good advice) Keep it steady Order eachmonth supply in good time, sometimes they run slow in deliveriesRead well their information, has many pearls of knowledge – Do notcombine with herbs or supplements, you can counteract theeffects

HERBS, herbal pills and supplements

1.- Advantages Cheap Infinite combinations Availablewidely
2.- Disadvantages You must know what you are doing, herbs arenot without secondary effects and must also be compatible Changesare very small and may take years
3.- Recommendations Do not trust what is said in the placesthey sell the herbs, STUDY, research in good books. See forcompatibility with your diet

MENTAL imaginary

1.- Advantages Cheapest of all It is unbelievable the changeswe can obtain if we believe it (not wanting to believe, reallybelieving it) It also works as anti-stress method Is the mostintimate of all, no one will know you are doing it It is perfectfor adding to other methods
2.- Disadvantages You must know what you are doing. You canhelp or destroy your goals with the right or wrong way of mentalimaging, don’t try without learning first.
3.- Recommendations Study the books: – Keep it Off (BrianAllman) This book is for loosing weight, but the principles can beapplied with success to any reshaping – The power of Alfa-thinking(Jess Stearn) Probably you get it only used but is the best on thissubject


1.- Advantages Almost immediate results (two weeks to threemonths) Precision of results Counts with the professionalexperience of qualified doctors
2.- Disadvantages Price Risks (even minor cosmetic surgerieshave life threatening risks) If the results are wrong are veryexpensive and complicated to correct As the body ages, implantsdon’t and may create strange shapes Implants must be changed eachten years Fat micrografting or liposculpturing fade slowly in 80%of cases
3.- Recommendations Never go by price, go by quality andexperience Don’t go far to have the surgery, any later complicationor correction will mean a new trip. Don’t expect a change of life,it will only change your body, YOU must change your mind Speak inperson with patients that had your same expected surgery before yougo ahead.

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