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Traditional Chinese medicine to cure Herpes

As an external wash: Chinese herbs such as Ban Lan Gen- for it’s anti microbial effects (amongst others) Huang Bai- Inhibits infection, stops itching Bai Xian Pi – Good for external skin problems Ku Shen- Clears heat, dries dampness Ye Ju Hua – Clears heat, relieves toxicity Tu Fu Ling- Relieves Toxicity and dampness
Herpes is a damp heat toxin, so dampness must be treated.
Chinese formulas such as: Long Dan Xie Gan Wan, to clear damp heat and : Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin, to clear toxins. (good for acute stages.)
-Avoid sugars (that creates dampness), caffeine, alcohol, spicy, greasy foods. -Keep immune system strong -Avoid stress and anger -Get adequate sleep

Chinese Medicine to cure Genital HerpesCure Genital Herpes with LongDan XieGan Wan
This is an ancient Chinese herbal medicinal formula that is widely used to treat instances of genital herpes. The pattern followed is referred to as the damp-heat clearing process. It addresses the outbreaks triggered by poor eating habits, consumption of too much alcohol, and eating greasy and spicy foods.
Herbal Remedy for Genital Herpes with WuWei Xiao DuYin
This remedy is referred to as the Chinese medicine formula for toxin clearing. It is an herbal concoction that is best used for acute genital herpes. The formula is recommended for genital herpes outbreaks that are caused by repressed anger, strong emotions, and eating of too much hot and spicy foods.
Treat Genital Herpes with ZhiBai DiHuang Wan
This is another Chinese herbal formula that follows the water and fire balance. Its forte is to keep genital herpes outbreaks from recurring. It is best used for fluid-filled blisters that are associated with back pains and soreness of the joints.
Natural Treatment for Genital Herpes with Woad Root
Woad root is a stand-alone Chinese herb that can whisk away viral infections. It can inhibit the growth of the virus that causes genital herpes. Woad root is also lethal to hemolytic streptococcus, salmonella typhi, and shigella flexneri.
Natural Treatment for Genital Herpes with Philodendron
Also referred to as the Huang Bai in Chinese, this herb is also popular for inhibiting bacterial, yeast, and viral growth. It can contain all the harmful organisms in the body and flush them away. This herb can also address the itching associated to genital herpes.
To the above I would add two points of caution. First is that many research labs (as ConsumerLabs) have determined that many Chinese herbal products are not standardized for active ingredients, or even for purity. Some have been contaminated with heavy metals or toxic substances, and are not reviewed by the FDA. Second is that many viral infections do not really have a “cure.” Some viruses adapt so they live permanently in the body, HIV and herpes being among this group. They may be active or dormant, but they tend to be permanent after initial infection. Herpes may in fact be kept in near-complete remission by use of chronic suppressive therapy with daily doses of antiviral meds like Zovirax or Valtrex.

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