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Is there a cure from AH1N1

If you mean the swine flu H1N1, the answer is no, there is no cure. You can keep yourself from getting H1N1 or any flu by eating a healthy diet for one thing and getting a good nights sleep. Those two things will help you build up your immune system and hopefully keep you from getting the flu.

A flu vaccine might also keep your from getting the flu.

There is more evidence now that taking vitamin D3 supplements helps to fight the flu as well. 1000 to 2000 IU of vitamin D during the fall and winter can help.

There are herbal extracts that can also help you avoid getting the flu and if you do get it, these might make the flu less severe and not last as long. They are called Umcka and Sambucus from Natures Way, you can get them in almost any grocery store. Sambucus is usually taken to boost the immune system. Once you start to feel sick, you take the Umcka right away, the sooner you take it the better it works. Which is a lot like the prescription Tamiflu. Which by the way also has as its main ingredient an herb/plant. The Anise plant.

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