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Is it acai berry safe while breastfeeding

Whenever you are breastfeeding a lot of the same conditions apply as when your pregnant. Some of these include not drinking alcohol, taking certain medicinal or any illicit drugs, smoking, avoiding environmental contaminants, and consuming caffeine, etc. I do not know much about acai berry although I have heard that some products containing acai berry do contain caffeine. So in this case I would check the label of whatever acai berry product you are interested in taking. As caffeine enters breast milk it may cause an infant to become irritable and wakeful. Mild consumption of caffeine may not be harmful but more than 1-2 cups of coffee a day may interfere with your baby’s iron status, or other serious complications.
Additionally, to my knowledge acai berry is generally consumed to help one lose weight. As with all diets one should make sure that they are still getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals in their diet, but just as when you are pregnant while you are lactating you also need adequate nutrients. Generally, not obtaining enough nutrients reduces the amount not quality of breast milk.
Please keep in mind that this is just some general information about breastfeeding practices. There is much more information that your doctor can give you on this topic. But I suggest not consuming any acai berry at least until you are done breastfeeding; as there are always the possibility of unknown side effects.
Hope this helps. Good luck with your baby!

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