Herbal Medicine

How eucalyptus can be prepared for medicinal uses

Like any herb, you can prepare it however you like.To use externally, you can make a salve/oil with fresh/dried leaves. You can add leaves to your bath, or make a poultice. You can sprinkle powdered, dried leaves into wounds.To use internally, you can make an infusion/decoction (tea) from the dried/fresh leaves.You can make a tincture (alcohol-based solution) with the fresh/dried leaves.You can use essential oil internally. To do this, first dilute the eucalyptus essential oil 1:10 by mixing 5 drops of eucalyptus with 50 drops of olive (or other food-grade) oil. You then fill empty capsules half-way with oat-bran (or a similar, food-grade absorbent). Then, carefully add several (dose depends on body weight and health issues) drops of the diluted oil to the bran-filled capsule.Eucalyptus is a powerful and very useful herb. I assume you want to take it for its anti-microbial properties. Be advised that it is considered toxic in every way, shape, and form. You will be hard pressed to find any person or info (besides me) that recommends taking it internally. On the other hand, it has appeared, as a tincture, in the commercial herb market recently.good luck.

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