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What are Legal buds and herbs

I propse an answer,
the answer is marijuana is marijuana, and no way in hell will it ever become legal.
The government proposes a fallacy of a solution by supposedly allowing to sell legal herbs, giving false hopes to pre and post pubescent boys that they will get high legally, but are they really?
there are 2 answers to this..
(If you go the governmental illusion route “law”)
1)Purposely mislabeled common herbs that they havn’t made illegal.
(If you go by truth)
All herbs and plants were made for human consumption (the bible)
Everything on this planet is ours and nobody can take it from us even though they may try for we belong to earth not the other way around.
OK yes a lot of legal buds do get you high but their are also a lot of scam artist out their so you need to research what to buy. you might think if it doesn’t contain THC then how do you get high well THC is a cannabinoid and their are hundreds of other cannibinoids that mess with your brain receptors and make you “high” actually some of the legal buds have cannibinoids in them that are way stronger than THC and its legal so do your research go to a head shop ask around and blaze up remember bongs hit hard lol.

Some who buy legalbuds reviews all the products available and become pleasantly surprised when some of them do indeed get them high!

Heres the bottomline… DO YOU WANT TO GET HIGH?

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