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What should you do about bad night sweats and hot flashes

AnswerIf you are going through menapause then you should see a doctor. They had to put my Mom on a hormone pill and that helped her out a lot. Answer I went through this and did my homework (also talked to my doctor) on Hormone Replacement and for long-term use it is linked to breast cancer, heart attacks, blood clots and heart attacks. Short-term is easier, but only in severe cases should it be used. For hot flashes I would run the undersides of my wrists under cold water or put a cold cloth on the back of my neck. At night I would use a fan that just blew over top of the bed, not directly on me to keep me cool and kept an extra blanket close by in case I became cold. When going out I would layer my clothing. I’d wear a blouse, bring a cardigan sweater with me if I felt chilly after having a hot flash. In the summer I would use a spray bottle with tepid water in it and spray myself (especially if I was in shorts) and it cooled me right down.Menopause is NOT a disease but a part of life so it’s most important each woman realizes this and works with this process rather than against it. There are many social programs where women can go and talk in a group for support. Most women can ease through the process if they learn to understand it and there are a small percentage of women that actually need to go onto short-term (only) Hormone Replacement Therapy.Good diet, exercise (yoga is great) or Tai Chi. Lots of water 8 – 8 ounce glasses of water. Stay away from caffeine such as coffee, tea (can have a cup or two) and this also includes pop and chocolate. Eat healthy and yams are loaded with estrogene and I have yams 3 times a day. I also buy my chicken and beef from a meat market (little more money) and it’s called “free range.” This means there are no hormones in the meat. I also buy my eggs there as well. I noticed a marked improvement on my symptoms with I took out too much caffeine in my daily routine and stuck to free-range chicken and beef.

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