How do you become a successful homeopath

If you do an internet search on the phrase “school of homeopathy”, you will find tat there are many schools that purport to offer degrees in Homeopathy. You should know some very important things about the field before you spend any money.
Homeopathy is a controversial school of psuedo-science that proposes treatment of almost every disease under the sun, by dosing the patient with a diluted form of the very thing that is supposed to have made them sick to begin with. The dilution of the substance, if done according to the principals of homeopathy, is so great that there is an astronomically small chance of even encountering a single molecule of the substance.

Homeopathy has been shown time and time again, through study after well-constructed study, to be as equally effective as a placebo, in treating any given disease.

Proponents of Homeopathy offer reams of anecdotal evidence and testimonials from satisfied “patients”, but can never offer double-blind, well constructed studies to show any clinical benefit to patients.

The Homeopathic industry produces supplements and various other concoctions for which they charge sometimes significant prices for what turn out to be inert substances that have nothing in them that addresses the ailment they are supposed to be treating. Some of these preparations may contain additional elements, such as herbal supplements, which may have deleterious effects when combined with legitimite medications.

There is wide variation between “schools” of homeopathy, each establishing their own curriculum and standards to achieve their degree. Most of these schools are “accredited” through agencies that have been formed especially to provide accreditation to schools of homeopathy, for a fee rather than for meeting any type of educational standard. Degrees from such institutions are rarely transferable to Universities or Colleges, making them worth little more than the paper they are printed on.
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