Is homeopathy a valid medical practice

Yes Homeopathy is a valid medical practice.Status of Homeopathy in India:The Government of India through Central Council of Homeopathy controls and reviews education, research and practice of homeopathy in India. In India most of the Government run clinics and hospitals have a homeopathic unit. There are around more than 150 homeopathic medical colleges all over India, out of which there are around 25 colleges offer postgraduate (M.D. in Homeopathy) education.Regular full time medical training for a minimum period of 5 1/2 years (BHMS) (which includes one year internship) is absolutely necessary for becoming qualified to practice homeopathy in India as it gives a complete understanding not only about the structure and functioning of the human body but also a thorough understanding of the homeopathic philosophy and its practical utilization while treating diseased persons. And to do M.D. in homeopathy further, you have to spend three more years after BHMS.Staus of Homeopathy outside India:Around 500 million people across the world use and rely on homeopathic medicines. The leader is Brazil. Today there are a rapidly growing number of allopathic doctors using homeopathic medicines or referring patients to homeopathic physicians:

39% of French family physicians
20% of German physicians
10% of Italian physicians

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