Why is homeopathy getting more and more popular

1. Homoeopathy is highly scientific, logical, and extremely effective method of treatment with no side effects.
2. Homeopathy is an evidence-based medicine. It is supported by worldwide clinical research.
3. Homeopathy’s popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. Homeopathy is the fastest growing medicine in the world. According to WHO, homeopathy is now the second largest system of medicine in the world.
4. Famous people who have used homeopathy successfully include Queen Elizabeth II, Mother Theresa, Tina Turner, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Pamela Anderson, Jane Fonda, Martina Navratilova, Charles Dickens, W.B. Yeats, Boris Becker, David Beckham, Tony Blair, Prince Charles to name a few.
Status of Homeopathy in India:
In India alone, homoeopathy remains popular with the public, with the 2007 market estimated to be worth 38 million pounds ($78 million). This figure is expected to rise to 46 million pounds in 2012.
In India an estimated 100 million people depend solely on homeopathy for their health care.
Status of Homeopathy outside India: See links
Additional insight and differing opinions:
The method by which homeopathy is believed to work is unknown on a completely scientific level (though it is possible that any benefits are due to a variety of reasons).

So perhaps homeopathy is best utilized for specific diseases conditions instead of or in conjunction with traditional medicine.

In the end, we are broken down into individuals with specific conditions unique to us, so it is best for each individual to try all different forms of treatment- homeopathic, traditional medication etc., in order to find out what works best for them.

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