How much a homeopath earn

A Homeopath can earn as much as any Psychic, Reiki Master or other quack practitioner, it depends entirely on the gullibility of his or her “patients”.
whoever wrote that should do their research. if you had, you would know that there are millions of studies proving the effectiveness of homeopathy. the reason more people don’t use it, is due to the fact that the government can not make money off of it because the medicine used can not be patented, therefore, no money going into pharmaceutical companies. to answer the question, it depends on how many patients you see. try calling local homeopaths and ask for a list of their fees
Not a single study worthy of that name shows homeopathy to have any effectiveness whatsoever. Not one, as in zero. Not even a slight, tiny bit better than placebo. The reason some people keep using it baffles me, the only advantage is that in the end it will improve the gene pool. I dare you : show me one (1) study (condition : scientific, double blind, controlled and peer-reviewed, as for ALL existing real medicines)
In 1994, the first study that involved homeopathy was published in a peer-reviewed American scientific journal. Jennifer Jacobs, M.D., led the study. In 1991, the British Medical Journal published an analysis of 107 clinical studies published between 1966 and 1990. The authors found that in 81 of the experiments, the homeopathic treatments were successful. Even when they included only the 23 studies that they considered to be of the highest quality, the vast majority of these (15) showed positive results. shall i continue??
why don’t you start??? which study? which peer-reviewed American scientific journal? Jennifer Jacobs MD??? You mean the one who wrote the book, sorry, leaflet : Homeopathic treatment of acute dental conditions? See you in the dentist chair with an homeopathic sedation any time of the day. And the BMJ : an overview of their latest articles : “MPs criticise UK government’s science adviser for stance on homoeopathy”; “And for my next trick”; “Treating evidence with contempt” ; “UK universities offer degrees in “pseudoscience””; Please provide link to your “study” and I will read it very attentively. If there was truly such an 18 year old study, why don’t all the quacks mention it? In the mean time, I will wait for Mars to reach the Aquarius sign, so that my Ki can freely balance my yin and yang.

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