Where is homeopathy practised

Homeopathy is the third most popular method of healing in India, after Conventional Medicine and Ayurveda. The legal status of homeopathy in India is on an equal footing with both conventional and Ayurvedic medicine.

9 million people use homoeopathy in Brazil. Homeopathy is a medical speciality that has been recognised by the Conselho Federal de Medicina since 1980.

In several developing countries, homeopathy is integrated into the system of health care (India, Mexico, Brazil and Cuba, for example).

In countries such as as India, Mexico, Pakistan, South Africa homeopathy is established as a primary discrete healthcare discipline with an in-depth undergraduate education and training and a professional infrastructure which puts it on equal level with conventional medicine.

Homeopathy is also recognized officially in countries like Bangladesh, Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia etc.

In the recent past countries like UAE, Thailand, Cuba, Argentina, Iran, and Russia have granted official recognition to these systems, new teaching institutions are coming up and research activities are being revitalized.

In countries such as Australia and New Zealand homeopathy is developing into a complete healthcare profession and is receiving government recognition through positive enabling legislative change.Homeopathy has got official recognition in Germany, Switzerland, Canada

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