How much rhus tox 200 philles do you take for joint and muscle pain

Rhus Toxicodendron is an excellent joint remedy but for this remedy to help with your condition it must follow the law of similars. Your joint pain must be similar to the joint pain that rhus tox addresses. Rhus tox is a restless remedy. The person needing rhus tox would want to pace the room. However, it is also known as the “rusty gate” remedy. Upon first motion the joints are “rhusty” stiff and difficult to move but better with continued motion. The rule in homeopathy is minimum dose. So you do not repeat homeopathic remedies unless your symptoms call for a repetition. Begin with 30 c, it’s best to put a couple pellets in 4-8oz water and take a teaspoon of the water as a dose. Do not drink the whole cup. You can expect the remedy to begin work quickly if it is the right remedy for you. Take up to 3 doses but if it’s not working by then wrong remedy. If you get new symptoms, wrong remedy – then you would be “proving it” and those new symptoms will quickly go away. After it begins working, don’t take another dose until the effect slows down, then go ahead and take another teaspoon. If it’s a good remedy for you, you can try the 200 but I would recommend it at first – minimal dose.

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