Does homoeopathic medicine really work or is it merely psychological

On one hand, homeopathy is often regarded as nonsense and a sham bythe scientific community. In broad terms, homeopathy is a belief inalternative medicine in which something that causes the symptoms ofa disease in healthy people will cure similar symptoms in the ill.

All valid experiments have either indicated homeopathy to have nobetter an effect than placebo, or that the experiment itself wasbiased in favor of homeopathy. Various scientific journals andreplicated experiments have shown homeopathy to have no effectbeyond what drinking water does.

In essence, it is believed that being “cured” by homeopathy is apsychological result, where the mindset of the patient believesthemself to be healed by the “medication” which causes the brain tosuppress thoughts about any symptoms. This in turn causes thepatient to believe and feel as if they are healed, when in realitythey are not.

On the other hand, proponents of homeopathy believe there arescientific plausible mechanism of action of ‘potentised highdilutions’. ‘Super-avogadro dilutions’ is believed in homeopathy tostimulate the biological activity and restore the homeostaticmechanism. All system of medicines are prepared and administered indoses whose ingredients can be quantified to be below Avogadro’slimit except for homeopathic medicine which is available both below(hormetic) as well as above Beyond the Reciprocal of AvogadroNumber (BRAN), also known as avogram, Avogadro’s limit.

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