Do homoeopathic medicines have side effects

Homeopathic medicines are ultra-dilute doses (this makes them non-toxic, safe and free from side effects) administered in minute quantity (just enough to set a reaction going i.e. to set the deranged vital force on the way to recovery by stimulating the natural recuperative processes of the patient towards health) less frequently (because their effect persist for a longer duration). This enables the body to restore the balance in the shortest span (Micro Doses Mega Results).

Homeopathic medicines are energy. They are prepared by extreme dilutions. This eliminates the dangers and hence, no side effects. But still large overdose of homoeopathic medicine than what is being prescribed by the physician can result in little difficulty.

Homeopathic medicines do not produce side affects as normally associated with allopathic medicine, what one can experience after an homeopathic prescription is what is called the healing reaction or affect. This is often experienced as a brief return of old symptoms. What is in fact taking place is a clearing of energetic information at a cell level, giving the sensation of experiencing the symptoms of the chronic disease that was suppressed.

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