Why Homeopathy advises restrictions in diet when taking medicines

Certain strong tasting and strong smelling foodstuffs and stimulants (like coffee, onion, garlic) are advised to be restricted for some time before and after every dose of homeopathic medicine only for the reason that these substances leave a strong odour / taste in the mouth which is also the route through which the homeopathic medicine is going to act. Total abstinence from certain foods is not at all necessary if taken regularly, as these have become a part of the system. Dietetic restrictions are must whenever it is necessary. Usually the things that aggravate the condition are restricted but only until the person responds to homeopathic line of treatment. The patient can restart consuming the same item once he responds to homeopathic treatment curatively. For regular treatment he / she should not have anything half an hour before and after taking the medicine.

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