Does hypnosis realy work

Wasn’t sure about this, but was curious, so went to see ahypnotherapist…

Lay on a couch, and focused my eyes on a dot on the ceilingpositioned slightly above my line of sight whilst listening to hervoice…
Felt very relaxed, but didn’t really think much was happening -just felt “floaty” – her voice droned on in the background…

Weirdly, however, after a while I just found myself doing what shesaid and responding to her comments and questions without anyconscious effort on my part. I had no desire to move unless toldto, and found myself answering her questions without reallythinking about my responses. I can’t really remember anythingspecific, just that I responded…

Things just seemed to happen – my arm was raised up in the air; itbecame totally rigid, then flopped down, totally limp. Then I wascircling my hands around each other – round and round and round,faster, then slowly, just as directed. Then she had me eating anapple, and juggling with two balls which were not there, but it allseemed totally real.

Suddenly, I found myself standing, and the next thing I knew I wasdancing with someone who wasn’t there, but I was seeing her andtouching her even though a part of me knew it was all a fantasy! Ialso had interesting “conversations” with famous historical figureswhich seemed totally real – I “saw” them and, in my mind, talkedwith them.

She stroked my hand telling me it was completely numb, and I thenwatched, fascinated, as she pushed a needle through the skinbetween my thumb and forefinger, and felt nothing. Amazingly, therewas virtually no bleeding.

Eventually she brought me out of trance, but it took a long timebecause I did not want to move; I just lay there staring into spacenot really seeing anything, but feeling wonderfully “dreamy”.

It was an interesting experience, and yes, I’d say, hypnosis reallydoes work. She did, however, explain that I am one of the minorityof people (about 10%) who are very responsive to hypnosis. I read alot, have high powers of concentration, and am open to novelexperiences. Also, I was very interested in being hypnotised, and,therefore, extremely cooperative and willing to follow herinstructions. Finally, but not least, I am interested in the mindand its workings, and am able easily to roll my eyes right up intomy head and keep them there without any effort. I am what somehypnotherapists call a “Grade 5 highly hypnotisable”, so myexperiences would probably not be typical of the majority of”moderately hypnotisables”.

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