If you got hypnotized what would happen

It depends on many variables – eg who is hypnotizing you, and for what purpose? Also, what is your motivation in being hypnotized, and the exact context in which it occurs: is it for fun/ entertainment (just for the experience!), or for other, more serious, purposes? Is it public or private?

It’s also important to remember that individual responses vary considerably – not just in absolute terms (some people are far more responsive than others), but also in individuals from time to time depending on their current mood/ state of mind etc.. What happens on one occasion may not necessarily be replicated the next time.

Finally, but not least, confidence in the hypnotist is paramount, and irrespective of context, if trust in him/ her has been in some way undermined, then nothing much will happen. To summarise, it is hard to generalise – individual responses and experiencies will vary considerably, and you can’t really be hypnotized unless you want to be.

So, what happens when you’re hypnotized depends very much on you, and the context you’re in: it’s a process of communication between you and the hypnotist, and everything is really determined by that relationship, and what you think you’re trying to achieve.

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