How do you hypnotize a cat

If your cat has been going crazy around the house, knocking overthings and meowing loudly, I have read that you softly stroke yourcat and tell him how good he is and that he will be even bettertomorrow. Please don’t use this instead of what the vet says to do.

Just adding a note here, it works for my cat.
Gently put your hand on your cats’ head, not covering the eyes.
The cat will try to move away, but gently move with it, and makesure it doesn’t scratch you.
When it has calmed down somewhat, stroke it slowly and smoothly,keeping your hand on its head.
After a while, gently remove your hand, and keep stroking it. Yourcat should now be in a trance.
This works for me, feel free to tell me if it doesn’t work for you.It should calm down excitable cats too.

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