What is the root word of ‘hypnosis’

Hypnosis (in Greek language: ???????) comes from the Greek word ????? (pronounced hyp-nos), which means “sleep.” In Greek mythology, Hypnos was the personification of sleep. The Roman equivalent is Somnus. Hynos had a twin named Thanatos, which means death.1 Cartoon characters often depict death with crosses over their eyes. These crosses are equivalent to the letter tau (as in tau cross), which is an alternate form of theta, the first letter of thanatos.

Actually, the root word of “Hypnosis” and ” ????? ” is ????, ???? (= thinking, mind, the alert state, consciousness) pronounced: Noos . ??????? equals sub-consciousness (??? (sub) + ????).
The word ???? / ???? is very present in English language in the -noia form (used as a suffix), just like in: Paranoia. The word “schizophrenia” is also a composite word where “phre” actually is the suffix “pre-“. The words “frain”, “strain” (refrain / restrain) are transcriptions of the Greek word “???????” (Pro/Pre + ???? = Providence, prudence, thinking in advance).

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