How do you do self hypnosis

Like guided hypnosis, self-hypnosis has a lot of different techniques that apply to it. Here’s a quick one you can use starting right now in just four steps.

Before you start, here’s a quick definition of hypnosis: you’re going to enter a special, relaxed state of focused attention. While in that state, you’ll be more open to suggestion. So, we’ll enter the state, deliver some suggestions, and then come back to full waking consciousness.

First, find a quiet, safe place where you won’t be disturbed. I like to use a comfortable chair in a room where I know I won’t be disturbed. Some people lay down on their beds, which may induce actual sleep, so be careful! The main idea is to get rid of the possibility of outside interference so you can focus inside.

Second, set your intention. A trained hypnotherapist can take you through a sophisticated, hour-long hypnosis session addressing a lot of stuff. While hypnotizing yourself, it’s best to keep things simple. I begin self-hypnosis by setting one intention– like becoming more focused on my work for the day– and setting a clear time limit of five, maybe ten minutes. This way I don’t get really relaxed and come to five hours down the road. I also write down the suggestions I want to take in, using clear, direct language: “I enjoy focusing on my work,” “I easily make rapid progress in getting things done,” etc. Be as specific as you can.

Third, induce self-hypnosis. The easiest way I’ve found is to count down. Close your eyes and relax. Then count from five to one. After each number, feel a wave of relaxation flowing through your body, from the tip of your head down to your toes. When you reach one, you will be in a relaxed, focused state of hypnosis. (Yeah, it’s that easy.)

While in self-hypnosis, deliver your hypnotic suggestions to yourself. This may seem odd, repeat in your head the things you wrote down before you went in. It works because you’re in what’s called an “alpha” state rather than the “theta” state of deep hypnotic trance. (To use that, you’ll need a hypnotherapist or a taped induction.) Then lie back and enjoy hypnotic trance for a while. Your mind will bring you out when it’s time to come out.

Finally, come out of hypnosis. Again, you’ll count. Go from one to five. Between each number feel yourself coming up just a little from hypnosis… until count five, and open your eyes, feeling wide awake, refreshed, relaxed, glad you were in hypnosis.

That’s it! As you practice hypnosis and become more used to using the hypnotic trance, you can achieve bigger and better things. Eventually you may wish to make your own hypnosis tapes. Until then, enjoy this simple self-hypnosis method.

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